10 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Moving Hacks

Moving can be stressful if you have a family with kids, furniture, pets and other things collected over the years.

Selling a house, buying a new one and actually moving everything can take a bit of time. Finding the right movers as well, takes a lot of research and phone interviews prior to deciding which company to help you with your move.

Here are the top 10 moving hacks to make your life easier during this stressful, yet exiting process:

  1. Put in your change of address forms for your new location a week or two before leaving. You will have a date for the effective change.
  2. Keep track of all personal expenses, including boxes, tape and other items you might buy. These tend to be dollar-store purchases, if you don’t have these items currently.
  3. Use tightly sealed clothing storage bags that allow you to compress the bag along with items inside by removing air. These bags hold folded clothing, bedding, blankets and other items. This will help provide more space and leg room while moving.
  4. Slide clothes on hangers into large garbage bags. Pack them in hanging boxes if they are to be shipped. Carry clothing in these bags or plastic hanging bags if you are packing them in your vehicle.
  5. Use soft-sided suitcases or duffel bags for items you are taking with. However, if you fly, you will most likely pay for luggage, so pack carefully and strategically.
  6. Movers will label boxes, but it’s better if you label them with the contents and the rooms where they will be used. Write on the top and all sides of the boxes. Finding free boxes is one of the best moving hacks if you are doing your own packing.
  7. Use toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to pack extension cords and wires. Seal the ends with tape, so that these items don’t fall out during the move.
  8. Small items such as screws or other pieces should go into sealing sandwich bags. Place cotton balls around small items that might break. These can all fit in your personal luggage.
  9. Defrost your old refrigerator and clean it the day before you leave. Make sure the stove and oven are cleaned for the next person to occupy your house or apartment. Of course, clean floors and bathrooms. You might find some items while completely your last clean-sweep.
  10. Check all cupboards, drawers and cabinets to make sure you have not left behind anything that you want to take with you.

These are only a few of many moving hacks that will make this process a little easier. Using In Home Moving Estimate will make finding an honest, reliable mover easy. We have carefully qualified the movers in which we refer. We want the best moving experience for you and your family.

In Home Moving Estimate

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