Move to Fresno, California

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Move to Fresno, California

Thinking of moving to Fresno, CA?  We can’t recommend it enough!  Fresno is a great city, with plenty of wonderful things to do, excellent weather, and numerous job opportunities. 

Moving to Fresno: What to Expect

Fresno is a warm and sunny place to live. Annually, there are about 275 sunny days and the high, in July, is 98 degrees. The low in January is 38.  It rarely snows, so those who prefer warm and sunny to cold and snowy should head to Fresno. 

From the Tower Theatre to the Old Fresno Water Tower, the city is full of history and attractions. The Old Fresno Water Tower is a historic landmark in downtown; in fact, it’s the oldest structure in the city.  Its construction was completed in 1894, and it’s on the list of historic places.  Today, it’s the visitors’ center, so be sure to check it out when you come to town.

Head downtown to the Tower Theatre and district, which is known for its food, entertainment and fun.  This is the place to go for a great meal, a night out, or just people watching. 

The city also has an excellent mall, Chukchansi Park (which is home to the Pacific Coast Fresno Grizzlies), a zoo, museums and more. 

And if you are moving to Fresno in search of a career opportunity, this might be a great place to relocate! Job growth is projected through 2018, especially in the construction sector.  A new economic forecast by the University of the Pacific predicts a number of ‘non-farm’ jobs in the region for the next several years.  They also predict that average annual income in the area will keep climbing.  It’s the time to move to Fresno!

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