Going into Peak Moving Season – How to Avoid a Moving Scam

Summer is the busiest season for the millions of people who move from one state to another every year. It is also the time of year that many of these folks get scammed out of their hard-earned money by shady moving companies. You should always start planning your move well in advance of your expected move date as the best moving companies’ schedules fill up very quickly.

How do you prevent moving scams? Here are some tips that will help you navigate between reputable moving companies who care about you and your belongings and the con artists who just want to make a quick buck raising prices after loading your belongings.

Prepping for your move

Moving is not fun, especially when it involves moving to another part of the country. Here are a few things to keep in mind to prevent being ripped off.

  • Check out the moving company first. Check for complaints from consumer watchdog groups like the American Moving & Storage Association (moving.org) or FMCSA (protectyourmove.gov) and go online and look at the reviews other people have left about their services. Weigh the amount of complaints versus the compliments. Often times, it’s good to review the negative comments and deduce what you are comfortable with. Most positive reviews on moving companies are written by the moving companies themselves or their employees. Negative reviews will allow you to analyze the company and ask questions to protect yourself. We have done extensive research and found that 95% of  positive reviews are false.
  • Make sure to get an in-home estimate. If they only want to provide you with an estimate over the phone, look for someone else. Personally, I would never trust a moving company without meeting a representative in person.
  • It’s often good to choose an independent company in the peak season because the major van lines have exclusive contracts with the military and corporate relocations, bumping off residential scheduled moves.
  • Make sure that they are thorough when they are looking through your things. If they just glance at your stuff and then give you a quote, find another mover. Not every company sends an estimator that will be accurate with their assessment. If they have not completed certified training from In Home Moving Estimates, they might not be aware of how to accurately survey your home. There is no one home alike.
  • Don’t rely on just one estimate. Interview several different moving companies for the job. While this may seem time-consuming, it could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Going back online after you receive an in home estimate does not benefit you as the company hasn’t seen the shipment and location.
  • When considering the estimates you have received, be realistic. These are your possessions and they mean a lot to you and everyone else in your household. If you go with the cheapest bid solely to save money you could be setting yourself up for a moving scam. If you want good service and a prompt delivery time that adheres to the estimate you were quoted, you will have to pay for it.
  • You should not have to pay a deposit. Most reputable movers will not take a deposit for your move. They only wish to be paid upon performing your job.
  • Nothing is ever free. Beware of freebies from moving companies. Everybody offers one month of free storage. It is a catch to snag a customer who is unsure of their destination. What is not shared is the exorbitant cost of storage and the extended length of time you can wait for your belongings once you are ready to be delivered. It’s much more advantageous and cost effective to receive delivery as soon as possible to your own storage location and hire a local mover once you are ready for delivery.

I love it when things are simple, but moving does not fall into that category. There is a way to make it simpler; though, by checking out www.inhomemovingestimate.com. The people who run this website are industry insiders who have worked in the moving business for over a decade. They know the ins and outs of moving and they can answer just about any question you might have while they assist you in finding the perfect moving company. Making a big move soon? Contact inhomemovingestimate.com today to make this tough task easier.

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