How to Stay Organized by Creating a Moving Checklist

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Moving is a Herculean task. Even when you have plenty of helpers, there is still so much organization and planning to do, it can seem impossible. One of the best things I did the last time I was sifting through moving companies and moving quotes  was to get organized by using a checklist.

Here is a step by step checklist to make your move as smooth as possible.


The first thing you want to do when you’re moving is to take stock of everything you have. Nearly everything that you own, besides the clothes on your back and your purse or wallet, will go into some type of moving container. If you have a bigger family this is a task you can farm out to each individual member, but make sure that they are as thorough as possible! Make sure they know that if it’s not on their inventory checklist this item will be left behind!


Once you know what everything is, then you need to know where everything goes. Boxes are the de facto method of moving, but maybe you have plastic bins, storage containers or something else that can be labeled and used in the packing mix. Make sure that your items will be able to be “handled” by the movers and won’t fall apart. Special attention needs to be paid to fine china, collectibles, or other irreplaceable and fragile items.


As you pack, you need to label the containers so you know the contents within them. Something as simple as a letter or number system works for smaller homes. If you need to code it (A1 = mom and dad’s room, B1 = eldest child’s room, etc.) then that can work, too. Make sure to keep all the containers from each room together; it makes unpacking that much easier.

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Well ahead of getting everything packed up, you need to choose the right moving company. That process can be daunting, so consider using Our service can connect you with reputable movers, from whom you can receive bids for your move.

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