Investment Opportunities

We are open to investors who are equally dedicated to ensuring the highest level of quality service to the American public through our portal connecting homeowners and renters to local and nationwide companies to provide in home estimates for services needed. With the support of our investors, Visual estimate can continue to grow, innovate, and improve the home services industry.

We are a one of a kind growing company entering the market of home moving services to provide connections with local businesses to provide in home visual estimates to potential clients to receive firm moving quotes, avoiding unexpected costs, hidden fees and surprise charges. Lately there has been a rise in unscrupulous business practices leaving many people unprepared for the final cost of the service ordered.

We are here to offer a service strictly dedicated to educating businesses and consumers alike in order to level the field of negotiation and up front pricing. We are certain through this education that the entire country will benefit from more honest business practices and consumer awareness.

There is no other such service in the United States with a direct focus on face to face, in home visual estimating of moving services. We are more than a lead provider for businesses to receive consumer information. We have a quality assurance approach to connect consumers with the right business who agree to participate in our strict code of conduct.

If you are interested in investing in Visual Estimate LLC or have any questions regarding our investment opportunities please fill out the form below and one of our executives will be in contact.

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