Move to Seattle, Washington

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Move to Seattle, Washington

Ready to move? Seattle has so many things to offer people of all ages and lifestyles. Here’s a look at why individuals and families flock to this Pacific Northwestern city to begin their next chapter.

What to Expect if You’re Moving to Seattle

Weather: While Seattle might be infamous for rain, it actually doesn’t rain here more than anywhere else. The summers in Seattle are amazing and because of the coastal airflow, even the cold months aren’t even that bad!

Jobs: Seattle also has a bustling economy for folks want to do just about anything. Of course the city is known for Microsoft and music but there are so many other opportunities here. Whether your industry is banking, retail, tourism, or artisan coffee; you can likely support yourself in Seattle.

Culture: There is so much going on here in terms of culture that it never seems to get old! Pike’s Place is an amazing spot right on the water (where Starbucks had it’s genesis) and is a must-see for any Seattleite. The grunge movement still has so many bands that call Seattle home, and The Seattle Art Museum has some incredibly curated works of art and sculpture.

Food: There is a huge emphasis on coffee here in Seattle but that’s just part of the program. There are so many great spots to eat that it’s a little foolish to try to name them all. Try Dick’s Drive in Burgers, Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie, or even the street vendors here who make the coveted Seattle Dog! It’s phenomenal!

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